I’m learning to cook and I’ve found that as long as I use enough of my brain, plus plenty of salt, pepper, and olive oil, things generally work out well. I originally wrote that I hoped maintaining New Cook on the Block would push me to be more creative and more daring and it most certainly has.

Outside of NCOTB, I play Ultimate Frisbee in the Boston league, BUDA, and at tournaments all over the Northeast (though I have yet to be on a tournament-winning team, shucks). I graduated from college in December 2007, worked for a year, and came back to school to take the pre-requisite courses for applying to medical school. That is my only excuse for my occasionally sparse posting and I’m stickin’ to it!

Have questions or comments or improvements? Feel free to comment on the post. I love to see that people are actually reading what I’m writing and that I am indeed making a contribution, albeit small, to the food blogosphere!


2 responses to “About

  1. I love your site! I’ve also started a food blog this year, particularly because of other food blogs and I’m a college student also so I completely understand using just the basics in the kitchen – in fact that’s what my blog’s about – themodestkitchen.wordpress.com
    Have you been to foodgawker.com or foodandfizz.com? It’s a gallery where food blogs can posts pics. It’s gotten me some traffic and a lot of good recipe ideas. Great site, keep ’em coming!

    • newcookontheblock

      Thanks, mewhee! I spend time on Tastespotting but I’ve never seen foodgawker or foodandfizz before. I’ll check them out 😀

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