Sweet Amandine’s Almond Tart (in Tartlet Form)

This year, I made Christmas lists for my parents for the first time since elementary school. Instead of listing “a hamster” 30 times on one sheet of paper like I did in second grade, I picked some food-blogger-worthy items–a few square bowls, a big geometric serving platter, and 6 cute ramekins recommended by Deb of Smitten Kitchen. I found Sweet Amandine’s recipe for Almond Tartlets via her beautiful photos on Tastespotting and I figured this would be the perfect chance to get those ramekins in use!

Sweet Amandine's Almond Tartlets

Her original recipe is meant for a single 9-inch tart. I found an amazing resource on allrecipes: Cake Pan Conversions for most sizes and shapes of bakeware! After learning that a 9-inch cake recipe usually yields 6 cups of batter, I initially planned on halving the recipe and filling 6 ramekins about half-way. It worked out that I only filled 4 ramekins, though–so this was a nice mid-week impulse bake.

The almond flavor is intense. I might pull back a little next time and maybe add a little kirsch, just to balance out the sweetness a little better, but otherwise these were perfect. They’re better warm, I think, but not hot. In total the prep and baking took about an hour, so this is definitely doable for dinner parties!

Jess (of Sweet Amandine) oh-so-helpfully annotated her recipe with guidelines for when to do what. Instead of copying-and-pasting here, I think it best to link to her recipe, since I did this almost exactly as described (though I did halve the ingredients). So here it is, Sweet Amandine’s annotated recipe for Almond Tarts.

I baked mine at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, but I started checking after 20 minutes so that they didn’t burn.

Enjoy! I will hopefully have some non-baking exploits on here soon, and I’m hoping to get back into the thrice-weekly posting schedule I had going before last semester. We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed, dear reader(s)!


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