In which I emerge from midterms with…THE PERFECT STUDY SANDWICH!

I grew up in suburban Massachusetts. Fluffernutter? Oh yeah. I might actually post a recipe for fluffernutter crackers sometime soon, since only a few people I’ve run into in my adult life have ever actually tried them. It turns out that every region has these specialties (whodathunk it, what an observation)…since I started hanging out with Southerners, I’ve discovered all sorts of foods that I never even know existed. Since most of the people who’ve been reading this blog are also New Englanders, or at least live here (thanks, Google Analytics!), I think it’s time to meet your destiny. In the form of a tomato sandwich.

All you need is good, crusty bread, a fresh tomato, mayo, salt, and pepper. And about 5 minutes.


I don’t have much to say other than TRY THIS IMMEDIATELY. Seriously. It’s so surprisingly good. You should definitely buy a good, ripe, firm tomato–mealy, bland tomatoes simply won’t do. A lot of grocery stores sell them individually, and I bet in the summer you’d be able to get some killer varieties at farmers’ markets.

I used bread that Mike picked up from When Pigs Fly, a bakery with a store in Davis Square. It was crusty and delicious. I think any substantial bread would do; just don’t use the stuff that comes from the baking aisle! It’s too soft and weak to hold up the awesomeness of a tomato sandwich.

Oh, and don’t be afraid of the mayo. Use it with carefree abandon. Trust me.
Don't be afraid of the mayo

Tomato Sandwich

1 heirloom tomato, cut into 1/8″ slices
2 pieces crusty bread, lightly toasted
1-2 Tbsp mayo
Salt and pepper to taste

Spread the mayo on both pieces of bread. Layer the tomatoes on one slice. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (you’ll need less salt than you might think, because of the mayo, but don’t be afraid of your spices!). Place the second piece of bread on top, smush down, and cut in half. Voila! Heaven.

Did I mention how well this went with my organic chemistry studying?

Tomato Sandwich + Organic Chemistry


6 responses to “In which I emerge from midterms with…THE PERFECT STUDY SANDWICH!

  1. New to your blog. I love you include pictures with your recipes. After being born in MA my family and I moved to NC for a few years. I had to have my grandmother ship Fluff from Boston to NC because I missed it so much. Plus I was such a hit at school as none of the southern kids had ever had Fluff.

    This sandwich looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes, that is some mayo love!

    I totally respect that. What is the digital equivalent of a foodie fist bump? Well whatever it is, you’re getting one.

  3. I’ve been eating tomato sandwiches my entire life. It’s a staple in the summer and a family favorite. Yumm!

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