Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Last week, Mike had a craving for some combination of chocolate and walnuts…both of which we have well-stocked. So I hopped on the internet and found a bevy of options! Surfing from flourless (ie, Passover-approved) cookies to rich cakes to beautiful ice creams, I finally settled for a simple recipe from Sara Kate on thekitchn.

cookies on the plate

The only thing I changed was toasting the walnuts before chopping them up. I put them in a single layer on a baking sheet, dropped it in a 350F oven, and gave them 8 or 9 minutes to toast. I let them cool then chopped ’em up.

Oh, and I didn’t use Dutch-process cocoa…just the regular natural stuff.

Otherwise I used the original recipe for “Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies” as-is. I added some photos below to get your tastebuds going!

mixing wet and dryincorporating flour
chocolate chunkswalnuts
cookie dough

*These are great warm, but even better frozen. Oh my god, I cannot even begin to tell you how good they are cold 🙂


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